MM Off-site Backups




Time Machine is one of Apple’s best features in their Macintosh line. With a few clicks, you can tell your computer to back itself up to an external storage device every hour.

Time Machine is excellent, but what if all your computer equipment is stolen? What if a tornado or fire rips through your home, taking your computer and all its backups with it?

For this reason, an offsite backup, working in addition to a Time Machine backup solution, will cover all the bases.

Mobile Macsters is proud to offer a comprehensive offsite backup solution for our customers here in Oklahoma. Important data is backed up to our servers each night, every night.


And because we’re local, if you ever need to recover several hundred gigabytes worth of data, you don’t have to wait days, weeks, or even months to download it all like you do with many of the other popular offsite backup solutions.


We will go to our data center, copy your lost data to a new hard drive, and deliver it to you in hours, not days.


Back up quickly using the rsync protocol… known for speed and efficiency.

We monitor your off-site backup. If your backups stop happening , we’ll find out why and fix or it let you know what needs to be done.

We will also monitor your Time Machine backup. If your Time Machine backup stops working for any reason, we will either fix it or let you know what needs to be done.

Automatic updates – when the backup script is upgraded to enable new or more efficient features, you’ll get these updates automatically.

Automatic bill pay system. We can Autobill your fee so that the payment process is easy and automatic. This makes the process seamless for your financial department.

There are no setup charges and in many cases, this can be set up from remote. Give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling on a secure offsite backup.

Additional 500GB

  • All computers utilize the upgraded space
  • Add more space anytime
  • Your Off-site storage grows with you

Addition Computer

  • Utilize your existing Backup