What does MDM consist of, and how does it help your organization? Managing massive amounts of mobile devices can be tricky. Our trained MDM technicians can assist with setup and configuration of your MDM.

We can help with your Mobile Device Management

Control and manage your mobile fleet

MDM is designed to give companies and an economical and straightforward way to manage both corporate and employee-owned devices across your entire company, while safeguarding company data from the risk of theft or tampering.

You can configure and update devices as well as lock or wipe a lost device remotely over the mobile network.

Education Device Management

Are you ready? District responsibilities increase dramatically with the new push to 1 to 1 mobile learning.  All those devices need management tools. A solid MDM architecture allows district staff to manage a growing number of devices without the proportional addition of staff.  

Centralized administration:

  • Multiple devices and operating systems
  • Over-the-air (OTA) configuration
  • Device/application inventory and asset management

Enforcement of device and data security policies:

  • Remote lock and wipe
  • Password enforcement
  • Encryption policy
  • Lockdown security

Ongoing support:

  • Support and training for administrators
  • Consulting services

Mobile Device Management is quick to implement, brings minimal disruption to your business and is scalable to support your needs today and in the long term.

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