Why use MM Overseer?

Traditionally, the concept of technical support is to use a computer until something fails, is running slow, or even stops working altogether. Only then is a technician called to (hopefully) repair the problem and save your data, however it may be too late and important data and programs could be lost.

Proactive Monitoring Solution

Mobile Macsters now offers proactive solutions to keep your computers healthy and to catch most problems before they become serious and lead to catastrophe failures. You will save on IT costs by subscribing to the service that proactivily monitors your computer. By investing every month to have a trained technician monitor your computers, your systems will stay healthy which greatly reduces your chances of experiencing catastrophic failures and the loss of valuable programs and data.


What do we Monitor?

System Performance

Keeping a computer running at it’s peak performance is easy with MMOverseer. We’ll alert you to productivity-robbing issues such as failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, faulty RAM, unscheduled reboots, and even failed power-on self-tests (POST) which usually go unnoticed.

Backup Systems

It’s never a matter of “if” your hard drive will fail, but “when”. That’s why it’s so important that you not only backup but regularly check if that the backup is being completed successfully. Luckily, with MMOverseer, we do all the checking so you don’t have to. We will alert you if we see the backups not being performed as expected.


Slow network performance can be caused by things like poor cable quality, failing network hardware, or even your ISP having a bad day. We’ll help narrow down the cause by alerting you when there’s an excessive number of network errors. We can even let you know when a computer’s IP address changes.



While we’re rummaging around inside the computer looking for problems, we also report back other helpful information such as machine name, last logged in user, serial number (including warranty status if GSX account enabled), RAM, model number, OS & firmware versions, processors, uptime, last check-in, and more.


No single malware detection software can find all threats. MMOverseer helps out by providing an additional layer of malware checking to your existing solution.

Disk Drives

Running low on disk space can happen suddenly and when it does, it has real potential to corrupt a system and cause data loss. MMOverseer can alert you well before that ever happens. We’ll also alert you to any disk input/output (I/O) errors (a precursor to a drive failure), boot disk selection changes, false mounts, and more.

What happens if MMOverseer finds an issue?

If MM Overseer has a pending issue and requires the attention of our Apple Certified Professionals, we will contact you to set up a “remote session” (additional charges may apply).

For pricing or setting up monitoring, scroll down and click on the Contact Us button. Fill out the Contact form and a Mobile Macsters representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

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